Taquirah Wants To “Move On” In New Single

Taquirah spews matter-of-fact innuendos over piano keys and tight snare sounds placed carefully placed by Jamaica-based producer Little Island on “Move On” One of many singles from her late March album Gemini In Mars.

A track the Illinois-bred singer says is about “Releasing and letting go what doesn’t serve you..”. Taquirah addresses her former partner’s untrustworthiness, ultimately breaking things off. It’s really a tale of “I can do bad all by myself”. Which she clearly emphasizes through her lyrics “I refuse to be so open/ I’ll be the one to desert this” and “I’m letting go/ You ain’t gon’ break my daze”, among others. Which is empowering for the women of today who are more embracing of toxic situations versus letting go and starting over. In the name of self-worth, these lyrics act almost as a sermon for women clinging to these kinds of one-sided relationships. They seem to also have served as the closure Taquirah sings about never getting “No need for closure/ You always in the way”. Not wanting to categorize herself, Taquirah does not identify with any particular genre but finds herself heavily inspired by gospel, jazz, soul and house music. Poetry also lingers in her interest.


Indeed genre-less, various vibes can be felt from Taquirah’s music. Other singles like “Gone Girl”, “Give It Up” and “Pull Up” from her project like give more hip-hop vibes. Tracks like “Ready”, “I’m Ready Baby”, and “Time Flies” incorporate more R&B sounds.

From attending Chicago Academy for the Arts for secondary school to attending University of North Carolina’s School of the Arts, Taquirah spent much of her youth perfecting her crafts of both dancing and singing.

Now based in Los Angeles, Taquirah has been able to curate experiences both in and beyond music that nonetheless still contribute to her creative process. With access to better resources for music and visuals, Taquirah was able to execute her 11-track debut project Mars in Gemini which is available on all major DSP’s.

Now based in Los Angeles, Taquirah has been able to curate experiences in and distant from music that nonetheless still resonate with her music and contribute to her growth as an artist. 

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