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Minority owned media outlet dedicated to highlighting and showcasing the plethora of talent in urban entertainment of various works, located throughout Washington D.C, Maryland, and Virginia. The company was started in 2015 by Co-CEO’s Abel Girma and James Spears with a vision to change the world in a positive way through creativity and collaboration. Moboombox is more than a media outlet. Moboombox has acquired a social media presence of over 14,000 followers through music promotion, entertainment events, web and artist services, and various media such as commercials, podcasts, and other digital programs. “Moboombox is a place where creatives come together”. We are passionate about music, media, and entertainment, and we aim to further the progression of these industries by investing in the youth. We aim to encompass our vision, with our resources, and collaborate with others to create a program that will help promote creative career paths among our youth.

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