NFL Postseason Predictions, Pain, and Outcomes

My predictions for this year’s postseason has been a roller coaster of detours, with so many unexpected outcomes. We’ve had teams with offensive will-power to beat some of the best in the league and teams with enough defensive prowess to hold off some of the NFL’s most powerful weapons. However, one thing remains consistent each year, only two teams can go all the way. Only one of those two teams, will be able to walk away with the Super Bowl trophy and the right to call themselves a Champion!

NFC Predictions

Big unexpected changes for teams early in the playoff race starting off with the Wild Card Round. The Eagles took an early exit, with a loss to Baker Mayfield and his high hope Buccaneers. This loss crushed many predictions for the playoff race with the Eagles being expected to outperform the Bucs in a Wild Card battle but the Eagles just couldn’t seem to shake their losing streak to end their season.

The Rams and Lions offensive shoot-out in their Wild Card game was an amazing game to watch, especially with the majority of the Wild Cards being blowout games. The Rams fell short of victory by one point, sending the Lions on the longest playoff Journey they’ve seen in decades.

The Dallas Cowboys continue to remain consistent in their “one and done” curse for playoff games, as their playoff hopes were shortened by the new promising face of the Green Bay Packers franchise Jordan Love.

The Divisional Rounds for the NFC became very predictable after a few Wild Card upsets, with the Bucs left to face the well-oiled machine of the Detroit Lions, the outcome for that was clear to fans all across the NFL. Baker couldn’t activate the “clutch” side he loves to reference in all of his “underdog” interviews, after throwing 2 INTs that shifted the momentum of the game. The other Divisional Round Game consisted of the 49ers nearly ending their playoff dreams early, with a hungry Jordan Love looking to make a statement with the Packers. Love’s undeniable drive was amazing to see but ultimately was not enough to hold off the 49ers for a second half comeback win.

The NFC Conference Championship was a jaw-dropping experience to say the least, with the Lions going into the half 24-7, this could’ve been one of the biggest upsets in playoff history. The 49ers closed that door with aggression in the second half, outscoring the Lions 27-7, and securing their spot as Super Bowl Contenders this year. Sad day for a Lions franchise who may not have another opportunity to get that close for a long time.

AFC Predictions

The AFC Wild Card Round was a combination of exciting and upsetting performances from some familiar names like Tyreek, Tua, Stroud, and Allen. C.J. Stroud topped off an incredible rookie campaign, with a win over the Cleveland Browns in his first ever playoff game to secure a spot for the Houston Texans in the Divisional round. Josh Allen and the Bills handled their business as usual and knocked the Pittsburgh Steelers out of the playoffs with nearly a blowout win.


The Miami Dolphins gave the most confusing performance of all the AFC Playoff Teams, so much high expectation and anticipation for a career game between Tyreek and his former teammate Mahomes. The highest scoring team in the league for the entire season, could only manage to get one touchdown on the scoreboard through 4 quarters. Injuries are always understood but it is upsetting to see such a dominant team fold in a statement game. Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens had the most excitement leading into the Divisional round, and proved to be worth it, after Jackson provided 2 touchdowns on the ground and 2 touchdowns through the air to end the historical rookie season of C.J. Stroud.


Josh Allen and The Bills continue to face the beast of Kansa City and nearly every year, the curse of Patrick Mahomes comes back to haunt Josh Allen and his hopes to be a true playoff contender. Mahomes shined with flying colors as he stepped over the Buffalo Bills to face a shifty Lamar Jackson for the AFC Conference Championship.

The AFC Conference Championship was filled with unbelievable catches from Travis Kelce, incredible play made by rookie Zay Flowers, and the annoyance of the Kelce Skybox getting more screen time then the coaches due to Taylor Swifts’ attendance. The distractions from her fan base was enough to blind the Super Bowl vision of the Baltimore Ravens, solidifying the Kansas City Chiefs as AFC Conference Champions.


My personal Super Bowl 58 winning prediction is, the San Francisco 49ers, both teams are amazing offensively and have their struggles on defense. However, Taylor Swift and her Chiefs need to be sent home, once and for all.


OutCome: Patrick Mahoms clinched his 3rd Super Bowl Ring with another outstanding performance from him on the field. Let us know what your thoughts we’re about the Super bowl! 

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