2023 Winter Fashion in the DMV

This winter season features a diverse look in terms of fashion and style for clothing worn by men and women alike. Color schemes have been leaning towards the monochromatic look, with colors like gray, cream, and black being the predominant palate among 90% of looks. Puffer jackets featuring brands such as North Face, along with a brand called HH have been prevalent.

For men, beanies and overcoats are a staple, along with heavy knitwear such as cable sweaters. On the other hand, women are wearing a diverse array of boots, ranging from UGGs to moon boots. Additionally, accessories like earmu s, scarves, and mittens have been spotted amongst many men and women especially here in the Washington, D.C. area.

Quotes from local designers regarding this year’s winter fashion:

  1. Derrick from HOK and DJS: Purple and pink colors are in right now in the high fashion world and textures such as faux fur, fur, velvet, and Mikado are also common. IG: @djslifestyles @derrickjsellers
  2. Ean William of Corjor International: Creative layering is a must in the autumn-winter season along with classic white shirts. Oversized silhouettes and lingerie style clothing are also trending; “my must-have accessory is a statement scarf” IG: @mr_dcfashionweek
DMV Fashion Trend
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