WayneWayne Breaks The Mold With His New Single “Right Now”

Maryland rappers continue to break the mold of the “DMV sound” and you can now add WayneWayne to the list. Budding rapper-songwriter WayneWayne makes his second debut with his single “Right Now”, quite literally a party in your ears. Early-career singles can be hit or miss, but clearly WayneWayne has already in some sort mastered the sound his audience is expecting from him. Though, mastering his sound is a different story. “I feel I’m still defining my sound currently.” A 90’s baby, his sound is heavily influenced by lyricists like Tupac, Andre 3000 and Lauryn Hill. “The tone of my music is just really honest… about where I am in life and the times we’re living in.” WayneWayne tells our writers. He goes on to share “90’s R&B and the whole early 2000’s rap scene basically made me want to be an artist.”WayneWayne shares his feelings about how life has treated him the last 11 years, over this Hip-House beat. He expresses “Lost myself and gained new fears/chasing minimal dollar..” in opening lines.

He tells us “Right Now” is the first single from his debut EP and depicts the single as a push for himself and anyone else experiencing the same kind of struggles he writes about. “My goal for my music is for it to serve as inspiration and empower anyone in my current situation or previous situations. And I want it to do like Nina Simone said “reflect the times”. The rapper says. If you’re anticipating more music from WayneWayne, connect with him on socials to stay up to date.

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