NYC streets boast an eclectic blend of high fashion & streetwear looks!

Long coats such as this one is a staple in New York City Fashion!

    New York City has always been considered one of the largest fashion hubs in the world, alongside Paris, London, and Milan. Every year, New York hosts its own New York Fashion Week, once in February, and once in September, and the fashion trends presented at these
shows transcend our wildest imaginations. Let us explore the current fashion trends in the Big Apple and take a look at the who, what, and why of this premier fashion hub in America.

   In the wintertime, it’s all about layering in the cold weather, and neutral hues and sharp shapes are commonly seen among commuters in NYC. Tailored separates like sweaters and cable knit polos are a standard, with statement coats coming in trend amongst New Yorkers.

  In New York, it is all about a balance between flexing personal style and staying warm. Maxi coats are an example; many women love to boast these trendy clothing items on the streets of New York, especially during the colder months. On the other hand, denim is also prevalent, with white jeans being a top choice among residents. Sweaters, scarves, and turtlenecks are a must-have among people who reside in New York City.

  NYC is also known for its popular, home-grown brands, and these vary from streetwear to high fashion. One popular brand is Public School, which is a menswear designer focused on reusing recycled, discarded fabric. Their clothing line consists of joggers and hoodies, with a focus on athleisure. Another brand is Rowing Blazers, which opt for rugby fashion and boasts striped blazers and clothing from the boating era. Some items they sell are blazers and rugby shirts, of course.

Lastly, another brand from the Big Apple is Saturdays NYC, which features unisex lifestyle clothing, such as cable knit polos and flannels. The brand centers around minimalism and simple styles. New York City is also home to the modeling industry, alongside its rich fashion history. NYFW, held two times a year, never fails to impress the public with the wide range of models on

Long coats such as this one is a staple in New York City Fashion.
This image shows a menswear design from the Spring and Summer collections of NYFW; denim is definitely a big hit in NYC.

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