Maryland’s Sarina Releases her highly anticpated single “Say It Like”

Silver Spring, Maryland’s Sarina puts it all on the floor in her single “Say It Like”. The highly anticipated single has been lingering in fans’ minds since she teased it in 2021 on social media. Sarina dipped her feet into industry waters in 2019, deciding to market herself as an artist. Announcing herself with her single “10/10” magnetizing some 6,000 followers on social media.



Sarina’s sound is a mix of Afro-pop and R&B, though she dabbles in Hip Hop. “I think there are some similar tones to my other song, “Kiwi,” in terms of the writing, simplistic and fun. The tone is definitely new, and I think fans appreciated hearing this different version of me that they haven’t heard before.” the 23 year-old says.lvinar dapibus leo.

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