AI Pros and Cons

Artificial Intelligence taking over? Even if the answer is no now, in a few years it’ll be yes. Artificial Intelligence is the manipulation of computers to provide the same solution-driven and problem-solving results a human would be able to. AI has made its way to almost every industry, at the rate technology is advancing. However, predicts artificial intelligence taking over these industries indefinitely by 2030: healthcare, retail, cyber security, customer service, banking, logistics, marketing, transportation, lifestyle and defense. Slowly but surely we are seeing AI break into other industries like music, in which we’ve heard the floating remakes with AI generated voices of popular artists such as Lil Uzi, Rihanna, Drake, and more.

Many fear that though AI will cut the need for manual activity, things like lack of human emotion and creativity will water a lot of things down. Despite the negative conversations around AI, there are many problems AI will solve that humans cannot without error at some point. Ensuring accuracy and efficiency in just about any workflow. We broke down the pros and cons of AI, to give readers a better insight on how it will affect our world.

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