From Bigger In Texas to Bigger Than Texas: Delishia J

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. According to vocalist Delishia J, this goes for R&B as well. The singer recollects an almost instant relationship with music as an adolescent per her love for Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey and Carrie Underwood and her pink Barbie boombox. Fast forwarding to the era of Soundcloud artistry, Delishia found herself uploading “Dee Mixes” which was her covering other artists’ songs and gaining thousands of views.

In 2020, the 27 year-old decided to jump headfirst into a career as an independent artist. Inspired by singer Kehlani’s creative process for her Kehlani’s Cloud 19 project, Delishia focused on mastering writing and how to develop stories that would incite mental images for listeners.


She does this flawlessly on her debut project Monday Morning, 9 tracks that depict the singer loathing both, the end of the weekend and the end of significant time spent with her companion. “It’s Monday morning and you just came from a great weekend with your lover and you’re reflecting on how it felt. These songs are those reflections.” the singer explains. Delishia seems to occupy the genre of R&B in a more sensual than lovey-dovey manner. We can see this even in her song title selections, as well as the lyrics of the EP.

Looking in, the sensuous veil Delishia puts on her music resonates with her confident and liberated personality. However the budding singer says “My personality is a fun recluse, I am actually in the process of truly stepping into my light. So I’d say my music is a little ahead of my day to day personality.”

Delishia further discussed with us how she is constantly in a state of validation and acceptance, although it has come naturally from her 2000+ following. She’s put releasing on hold to focus on performing and artist development, but is looking forward to giving her fans something new soon. Her debut EP “Monday Morning” is available for download and stream on all major DSP’s.

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